2D-3D registration using gradient-based MI for image guided surgery systems

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Conference Proceeding

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Progress in Biomedical Optics and Imaging - Proceedings of SPIE






Image-guided surgery; Intra-operative endoscopic image; Multi-resolution; Mutual information; Preoperative CT; Registration; Vocal fold


Registration of preoperative CT data to intra-operative video images is necessary not only to compare the outcome of the vocal fold after surgery with the preplanned shape but also to provide the image guidance for fusion of all imaging modalities. We propose a 2D-3D registration method using gradient-based mutual information. The 3D CT scan is aligned to 2D endoscopic images by finding the corresponding viewpoint between the real camera for endoscopic images and the virtual camera for CT scans. Even though mutual information has been successfully used to register different imaging modalities, it is difficult to robustly register the CT rendered image to the endoscopic image due to varying light patterns and shape of the vocal fold. The proposed method calculates the mutual information in the gradient images as well as original images, assigning more weight to the high gradient regions. The proposed method can emphasize the effect of vocal fold and allow a robust matching regardless of the surface illumination. To find the viewpoint with maximum mutual information, a downhill simplex method is applied in a conditional multi-resolution scheme which leads to a less-sensitive result to local maxima. To validate the registration accuracy, we evaluated the sensitivity to initial viewpoint of preoperative CT. Experimental results showed that gradient-based mutual information provided robust matching not only for two identical images with different viewpoints but also for different images acquired before and after surgery. The results also showed that conditional multi-resolution scheme led to a more accurate registration than single-resolution. © 2011 SPIE.

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