Computational surgery and dual training: Computing, robotics and imaging

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Computational Surgery and Dual Training: Computing, Robotics and Imaging




© Springer Science+Business Media New York 2014. This critical volume focuses on the use of medical imaging, medical robotics, simulation, and information technology in surgery. It offers a road map for computational surgery success, discusses the computer-assisted management of disease and surgery, and provides a rational for image processing and diagnostic. This book also presents some advances on image-driven intervention and robotics, as well as evaluates models and simulations for a broad spectrum of cancers as well as cardiovascular, neurological, and bone diseases. Training and performance analysis in surgery assisted by robotic systems is also covered. This book also: Provides a comprehensive overview of the use of computational surgery and disease management Discusses the design and use of medical robotic tools for orthopedic surgery, endoscopic surgery, and prostate surgery Provides practical examples and case studies in the areas of image processing, virtual surgery, and simulation training Computational Surgery and Dual Training: Computing, Robotics and Imaging is an ideal book for graduate students and professionals in the area of bioengineering, computational science, computational medicine, and medical residents in surgery.

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