Optimized cyclin D1 immunoperoxidase staining in mantle cell lymphoma

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Journal Article

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Applied Immunohistochemistry








Cyclin D1; Immunohistochemistry; MALT; Mantle cell; Marginal zone; Technique


Mantle cell lymphoma (MCL) has a worse prognosis than MALT lymphoma (MALTL). Distinction between MCL and MALTL on purely morphologic grounds can be difficult. Cyclin D1 (PRAD1/bcl1) is overexpressed in MCL as a result of a t(11:14) gene rearrangement, which leads to overexpression of cyclin D1 mRNA and protein. The immunohistochemical detection of cyclin D1 in MCL has been reported by several authors to be highly specific with sensitivity ranging from 70%-100%, but diagnostic laboratories have reported difficulty in finding a reliable method for cyclin D1 immunostaining. The aim of this study was to evaluate and optimize a method for detection of cyclin D1 by paraffin section immunoperoxidase staining. Sections of routinely processed tissue from five MCL and one splenic marginal zone lymphoma (MZL) were immunostained using a mixture of two primary monoclonal antibodies and a standard avidin- streptavidin method. Antigen retrieval was performed using I) steam heat in citrate buffer, 2) as in '1' followed by sonication for one minute, and 3) as in '2' followed by enzymatic digestion. All the above were repeated, with the additional use of catalyzed signal amplification (CSA). Later, sections of the same cases, plus three MALTL were immunostained as in'2'. Steam heat antigen retrieval alone produced the best results. All MCL showed positive nuclear staining while the MZL and all MALTL were negative. Sonication did not enhance staining noticeably, whereas enzymatic digestion produced cytoplasmic staining. CSA increased background staining with no significant gain in nuclear stain intensity. We conclude that cyclin D1 immunostaining of formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue can be reliably achieved by heat induces antigen retrieval and a cocktail of two monoclonal antibodies.

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