Anterior capsular contraction in phacoemulsification

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Journal Article

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Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science






Purpose. To determine associated findings of anterior capsular contraction syndrome. Methods. Forty-five phacoemulsification procedures with foldable silicons intraocular lens implantation were studied. Of these, 15 were combined phacoemulsification-trabeculectomy procedures with either 5-fluorouracil or mitomycin C. A retrospective chart review was conducted focusing on capsular contraction defined as anterior capsule visible in the undilated patient. Variables analyzed were visual acuity, subjective complaints, refraction, associated inflammation, decentration and other operative findings. Results. Nine patients had radial anterior capsulotomy with four relaxing radial incisions. Three of the nine patients complained of decreased visual acuity and glare noted between day 30 to 54 post-operatively. Mean visual acuity of these symptomatic patients was 20/50. Two other patients had chronic anterior chamber inflammation, trace-1+, but no symptoms, postoperatively Interestingly, their inflammation resolved abruptly after YAG capsulotomy. Decentration was observed in three patients which resolved after capsulotomy. Conclusions. Postoperative inflammation may improve after YAG capsulotomy and theories will be discussed. YAG capsulotomy stabilizes decentration. Early anterior capsule monitoring with appropriate early anterior capsulotomy may prevent serious complications.

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