Inherited Metabolic Epilepsies

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376 pp. Edited by Philip Pearl.

Additional chapters authored by GWUMC faculty:

Forward: Inherited Metabolic Epilepsies: Diagnostic Challenges, Treatable Entities, and New Frontiers, Phillip L. Pearl

1. Treatable Metabolic Epilepsies: The Top Ten Diagnoses You Can't Afford to Miss, Phillip L. Pearl

3. Advances in MR Spectroscopy for Inherited Epilepsies, Andrea Gropman, Andrew Breeden, and Morgan Prust

9. Urea Cycle Disorders and Epilepsy, Marshall Summar, Brendan Lanpher, and Debra Regier

10. Mitochondrial Diseases and Epilepsy, Andrea Gropman, Sumit Parikh, and Lynn Wolfe

13. Disorders of GABA Metabolism and Epilepsy, Phillip L. Pearl, K. Michael Gibson, and Cornelius Jakobs

23. Homocysteinemias and Epilepsy, William M. McClintock

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