Transposition of the "conflict" vessel in obstruction of the pyeloureteral segment in children

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Journal Article

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Urologiia (Moscow, Russia : 1999)




We studied effectiveness of the "conflict" vessel transposition in operations for hydronephrosis due to a vasoureteral conflict in children. For 1999-2007 we operated 323 children with unilateral hydronephrosis in obstruction of the pyeloureteral segment (PUS). The "conflict" vessels (CV) as a cause of the obstruction were detected in 67 patients who were divided into two groups. In group 1 (n = 33; 49.3%) we made PUS resection and created antevasal pyeloureteroanastomosis. In group 2 (n = 34; 50.7%) we made CV transposition using a graft from adventitium of the anterior pelvic wall. The degree of postoperative reduction of the calycopelvic system was the same in both groups, but in group 2 dilation decreased more rapidly and reached maximum in the first postoperative month. Simplicity of CV transposition as a method of hydronephrosis surgical treatment, its high effectiveness allow us to recommend this method for study in randomized prospective trials.

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