[Efficacy of prostatic adenoma treatment with alfusozine depending on sexuality].

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Journal Article

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Urologii&x0361;a (Moscow, Russia : 1999)




Blood levels of total PSA and testosterone, size of the prostatic gland, Qmax were measured in 40 patients with prostatic adenoma symptoms treated with alfusozine in a dose 10 mg/day before the treatment, on the treatment week 4, 12 and 24. At the same time the examinees were questioned using IPSS, MSHQ, IIEF questionnaires. The sexuality phenotype was estimated according to the Rostov Questionnaire of Integral Male Sexuality. It was found that sexuality phenotypes (hypo-, normo- and hypersexuality) occur with the same frequency in males with prostatic adenoma symptoms. Hypersexual men with prostatic adenoma have more definite lower urinary tract symptoms, worse erection and ejaculation, more frequent signs of hypogonadism. The highest alfusozine efficacy was observed in normo- and hyposexual men with prostatic adenoma who achieved better results in improvement of Qmax, symptoms of the lower urinary tract, erectile and ejaculation function. The treatment efficacy in the hypersexual men is low.

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