[Characteristics of hydronephrosis due to obstruction of the pyeloureteral segment combined with dorsal rotation of the kidney].

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Journal Article

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Urologiia (Moscow, Russia : 1999)




Rotation of the kidney is caused by its dystopia and abnormal blood circulation. Dorsal rotation of the kidney in normal position is a rare anomaly. We studied a clinical course, evidence obtained at renosonography, excretory urography, computed tomography, radionuclide investigation, anatomic variants of pyeloureteral segment obstruction in female patients with right-side hydronephrosis in the presence of dorsal rotation of the kidney before and after pyeloplasty. We made pyeloplasty for obstruction of the pyeloureteral segment in 266 patients in 2001-2009. Hydronephrosis was accompanied with dorsal rotation of the kidney in 21 (7.9%) cases. Surgical approaches to the pelviureteral segment are characterized. The dorsal approach is a good alternative to standard subcostal approach, provides good visualization in creation of anastomosis, significantly reduces distance from the skin cut to pyeloureteral segment and offers the best cosmetic result. In subcostal approach mobilization of the pelvis and pyeloureteral segment is preferable on the posterior surface of the kidney. A laparoscopic transperitoneal approach is not justified as it implies wide mobilization of the kidney, the anastomosis is created in extremely limited space.

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