[Etiological structure and antibiotic sensitivity of uropathogens in chronic recurrent infection of the lower urinary tract].

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Journal Article

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Urologii{combining double inverted breve}a (Moscow, Russia : 1999)




While acute infections of the lower urinary tract (UT) have been studied in detail and antibiotic therapy of such infections is well known, etiology and choice of antibacterial treatment in recurrent chronic UT infection are not so clear. In our trial we aimed at elucidation of etiological structure of chronic cystitis recurrences by means of microbiological investigation of urine samples from 72 women on extended spectrum of nutrient media. In all the cases urine was infected with both aerobic and non-clostridial anaerobic bacteria. We determined prevalent pathogens and their antibiotic sensitivity and compared them with standard pathogens and their sensitivity in acute lower UT infection. We came to the conclusion that it is necessary to develop new recommendations on antibiotic treatment of recurrent chronic cystitis in women.

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