[Results of treatment of patients with prostatic adenoma using silodosin based on an assessment of the phenotype of male sexuality].

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Journal Article

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Urologii{combining double inverted breve}a (Moscow, Russia : 1999)




The article presents the results of treatment of 40 patients with prostatic adenoma using silodosin (urorec) at a dose of 8 mg per day. Patients were divided into three groups according to the phenotype of male sexuality based on author's questionnaire. Evaluation of treatment results was performed after 24-week follow-up period. There was a high therapeutic effect of silodosin in all groups of patients with prostatic adenoma, but the greatest effect in terms of reduction of urination disorders and increases of maximum urinary flow rate was achieved in men with normo- and hyposexuality compared with hypersexual men. The development of ejaculation disorders during treatment with silodosin in patients with prostatic adenoma is less typical for the patients with hypersexual phenotype.

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