Prevalence of lower urinary tract symptoms among male population in Russian Federation: analysis of population study results

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Journal Article

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Georgian medical news




The purpose of the present research is to study the incidence and severity of lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) in male population of the Russian Federation and to establish the relationship with the most common diseases. Based on the materials of population survey of 1083 men (mean age - 42,8±14,1 years) held in the Russian Federation in 2011-2012 the relationship between age, weight, height, sexual activity, addictions, co-morbidities and the answers to the questionnaire IPSS with the assessment of quality of life in relation with existing disorders of urination (QoL) was studied in six federal districts. 649 (59.9%) respondents had urinary system disorders (IPSS>0), the mean (±SD) of the sum IPSS questionnaire score was 5,0±7,0. LUTS severity was greater in: older men (τB=0,441; p<0,001); in men who had undergone surgeries of the pelvic organs (τB=0,242; p<0,001); in the presence of coronary artery ischaemic disease (τB=0,242; p<0,001), arterial hypertension (τB=0,255; p<0,001); diabetes mellitus (τB=0,154; p<0,001); obesity (τB=0,148; p<0,001); depression (τB=0,126; p<0,001); and sexual disorders (τB=-0,425; p<0,001). The prevalence of LUTS in men of the Russian Federation is high, their relationship with age and comorbidities require a comprehensive approach to prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

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