The features of erectile dysfunction in type 2 diabetes and serum testosterone deficiency

Document Type

Journal Article

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Urologiia (Moscow, Russia : 1999)




diabetes; endothelial dysfunction; erectile dysfunction; hypogonadism; testicular blood flow; total testosterone


The current literature is lacking sufficient coverage of the relationship between erectile dysfunction (ED) and diabetes mellitus (DM), and age-related hypogonadism. At the same time, the mutual impact of cardiovascular and endocrine systems on men erectile function and the resulting damage of male sexual organs are being studied and debated. This prospective, randomized, simple comparative study examined the erectile function of 131 men with type 2 DM and age-related hypogonadism, tested the effects of DM on serum testosterone, formed an idea of possible relationship between DM, severity of ED and testosterone levels, degree of endothelial dysfunction and the involvement of the testicles. The study results showed the impact of testosterone level on the compensation of DM and frequency of ED. Correlations were observed between testosterone levels, peak systolic velocity of blood flow in the of capsular arteries of testes and testicular size. The interrelation between testicular size, reduction of testicular blood flow, and DM-related endothelial dysfunction and variability of serum testosterone levels was found. The findings suggest the need for revising existing reference ranges for serum testosterone upward to 15 nmol/L.

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