Bacterial prostatitis: epidemiology and etiology

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Journal Article

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Urologiia (Moscow, Russia : 1999)






bacterial prostatitis; bacteriological study; causative uropathogens; debatable microorganisms; epidemiology of prostatitis


Prostatitis is considered as heterogeneous group of the diseases attracting broad interest of researchers worldwide. The acute and chronic stages of the process, as particular categories of bacterial prostatitis, remain in the realities of modern practical and scientific urology with lively discussions. Despite a large number of domestic and international publications, consensus on many topical issues of bacterial prostatitis is currently not achieved. The true incidence and prevalence of bacterial prostatitis in various regions of the world has not been finally determined. The exhaustive data concerning the etiological structure, mechanisms of development and persistence of the inflammatory process in the prostate tissue are not presented. At the same time, new risk factors that can influence the development and progress of these diseases are identified and discussed. Researchers review algorithms for examining patients, obligate spectrum of diagnostic methods, as well as the desirability of using the newest investment means necessary for the successful verification of the diagnosis taking into account the development of modern medical technologies. This review describes in detail the various aspects of the epidemiology and etiology of bacterial prostatitis, based on an analysis of major literature sources in conjunction with its own scientific facts.