Immunosuppressive effect of antilymphocytic serum on experimental giardiasis - A pilot study

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Journal Article

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Indian Journal of Medical Research






Swiss albino inbred mice immunodepressed with rabbit antimouse antilymphocytic serum (ALS) or exposed to whole body irradiation, challenge upon intraoesophageally with Giardia lamblia cysts, had higher cysts excreted in faeces in two-h collection and also had high trophozoite counts in the duodenum at various stages of observation, as opposed to control animals. The cysts excreted by animals exposed to whole-body irradiation reached a low level by 31 ± 2 days as against 51 ± 5 days amongst ALS-treated animals while in control animals the similar level was achieved by 23 ± 3 days. ALS-treated animals underwent a spontaneous resolution of infection by 62 ± 5 days while in control group it was achieved by 48 ± 5 days. There was no significant change in the weight of animals in any group during the period of observation and there was also no morbidity or mortality. It is inferred that the immune mechanisms at cellular level play a significant role in the continuation of G. lamblia infection.

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