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Summer 8-31-2021

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Mary A. Corcoran


Occupational Therapy; Knowledge Translation: Doctor of Occupational Therapy; Curriculum



Although developments in the use of knowledge translation (KT) in occupational therapy practice and research are emerging, a gap in education remains. A recent revision of accrediting standards for doctor of occupational therapy (OTD) programs now specifies scholarly study that advances KT. However, little is understood of how this change in accreditation standards is being implemented, nor of its effect on OTD capstones. The purpose of this study was to describe how KT is reflected and can be promoted in entry-level OTD capstones. A descriptive qualitative design was used with semi-structured individual interviews of OTD faculty as well as content analysis of completed capstone documents. Both inductive and deductive coding were used; the codebook served as an analytic tool based on the knowledge-to-action framework.

Although analysis indicated various levels of understanding regarding KT among OTD faculty, all faculty recognized advantages to using a KT framework with capstones. Content analysis of capstone documents revealed patterns in the way KT concepts were reflected in the capstones. This study identified three themes that suggest promoting KT in capstones entails operationalizing: 1) how capstones currently reflect KT concepts, 2) how capstone process is influenced by faculty perspectives: values and constraints, and 3) what advantages and challenges exist to incorporating KT into capstones. Findings suggest opportunities to promote KT in OTD curricula to support students as practitioner-scholars in closing the research-practice gap.


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