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Joseph Bocchino, Ed.D, MBA


Genomic Medicine; Physician Competency; Knowledge Translation; Graduate Medical Education


Background: Some predict that genomic sequencing will become fully integrated into standard medical care within the next ten years, making genomic testing as routine as complete blood counts (Green et al., 2020; McCauley et al., 2017). Non-geneticist physicians, whose practices are being increasingly influenced by genomic medicine (GM), need to be knowledgeable and confident in GM to bridge the gap in patient access and quality of care due to genomic workforce shortages.

Objective: The aim of this study was to identify ways to accelerate adoption of GM in clinical practice by studying graduate medical education (GME) training programs.

Methods: Using a multi-case, qualitative study, Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine (neonatology) fellowship programs were analyzed to further understand how GM training occurs and influences clinical uptake as a pathway for improving GM knowledge translation.

Results: Four overarching themes emerged from the analysis in this study: 1) the combined nature of the environment and culture of genomics, 2) acquisition of knowledge and application associated with genomics, 3) champions of genomic medicine increase uptake in clinical and research settings, and 4) impediments to uptake of genomic medicine competency. Findings from this research facilitated the development of a “Quick Reference Toolkit to Increase Genomic Medicine Uptake for Fellowship Training Programs.”

Conclusion: This study identified strategies that can be used to guide the adoption and implementation of GM in GME and clinical practice. Through collaboration and partnership to deliver highly effective education on GM, graduate medical training programs can lead the way in developing innovative curricula, evaluating effectiveness of education strategies on long-term retention of GM competency for trainees, implementing self-assessments to support trainees in specific areas, and producing joint clinical practice guidelines for use at their institutions. The “Quick Reference Toolkit to Increase Genomic Medicine Uptake for Fellowship Training Programs” can be adopted, tailored, and used by residency and fellowship programs in various areas of medicine to better prepare physician trainees and faculty to utilize genomics in practice.


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