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Paige McDonald, EdD


Healthcare Simulation, Translational Simulation, Barriers, Facilitators, Qualitative Research


Translational simulation research has the potential to inform the way simulation is used to impact patient care and patient outcomes. Understanding how to approach translational simulation and the barriers and facilitators that can be used throughout the process can inform novice simulation and translational researchers. This qualitative dissertation sought to answer the following research questions: How do simulation experts describe the barriers and facilitators to implementing translational simulation programs? How do simulation experts describe their various approaches to implementing translational simulation programs? What recommendations do simulation experts describe for overcoming barriers to implementing translational simulation programs? The key findings include a lack of a standardized definitions for translational simulation and translational simulation research, the challenge of demonstrating the value of translational simulation, and that translational simulation programs should be aligned with and integrated into the work of the department of quality, patient safety, and risk management. The findings and advice from the experts in this dissertation can assist new researchers or those encountering challenges in implementing translational simulation.

This dissertation research study adds to existing literature by identifying barriers, facilitators, approaches, and recommendations for translational simulation. Future research can build upon this dissertation by focusing on the knowledge translational around translational simulation definitions, the use of implementation science frameworks applied to simulation, and by creating a toolkit to guide the planning, implementation, and rigorous assessment of translational simulations.


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