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Summer 2016

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Capstone Project

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Occupational Therapy

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Trudy Mallinson, PhD, OTR/L


The Motivation Assessment for Team Readiness, Integration, and Collaboration (MATRICx) has been shown to provide information on intrapersonal readiness to collaborate within a team. This study aims to understand and develop an innovative approach to presenting a self-scoring format for the MATRICx and to determine how results of the assessment tool could be interpreted to understand individual motivation in collaborative healthcare and biomedical teams. The MATRICx Report Form is a self-scoring version of the MATRICx that can help users interpret their own motivational profile. A qualitative study was conducted to examine user’s experience with the report form, ways of interpreting results, and insights into how participants might apply what is learned through this self-scoring format to their personal development. Understanding the user experience and identifying features of the report form found to be helpful can provide information about how to improve the usefulness of the form for end-users. Initial analysis suggests that the Report Form format was confusing and will require revisions including the placement of the information on the form and format for reporting transformed calibrations. Participants also reported detailed instructions on scoring would facilitate the use of the report form. A revised Report Form was developed and future directions for using the forms to enhance team effectiveness is discussed.


Questionnaire Development; Collaboration; Readiness; Focus Group

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