A Novel, Web-Based Quality Improvement Platform to Address ACGME CLER Requirements.

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Journal Article

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J Grad Med Educ








Background: In 2014, the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) formally mandated trainee (resident and fellow) participation in health care quality improvement (QI) projects as one of the Clinical Learning Environment Review (CLER) Pathways to Excellence. Subsequent national reviews showed large variations in how QI education is conducted, as well as a significant mismatch between educational and organizational goals.

Objective: We developed a web-based platform to engage trainees in QI that better aligned with best practice methodology and matched identified institutional priorities.

Methods: A needs assessment survey was distributed to trainees to understand the obstacles to compliance with ACGME QI requirements. Based on the results, a web-based clearinghouse, called the QI Platform, was developed and launched in July 2016, and utilization was analyzed in February 2019.

Results: A total of 196 of 440 needs assessment surveys (45%) were completed. Themes extracted from surveys to identify barriers in QI participation included difficulties designing projects, lack of mentorship or expert support, and difficulty engaging an interprofessional team. Over 2.5 years, 151 projects were registered on the platform. Of these, 17 (11%) were collaborative entries. At the time of analysis, 166 of 437 trainees (38%) were listed as participants in active QI projects. A total of 22 projects were archived as complete, and 68 incomplete projects were reassigned to the "Ideas" section as works in progress after lead trainee graduation.

Conclusions: An institutional QI Platform clearinghouse for GME QI projects was feasible to develop and maintain, and it appeared acceptable to most GME programs and trainees for recording and tracking QI projects, and linking these to hospital QI priorities.

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