Acute Kidney Injury in Hospitalized Pediatric Patients: A Review of Research

Emma M. Sexton
Jeffrey J. Fadrowski
Vinciya Pandian
Elizabeth Sloand
Kristen M. Brown


© 2019 National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners Introduction: Pediatric patients who develop acute kidney injury (AKI) while hospitalized have longer hospital stays, increased morbidity and mortality, and are at an increased risk for developing chronic kidney disease. Early recognition of AKI is becoming a major clinical focus. There is little research focusing on nursing interventions that may affect a pediatric patient's risk for developing AKI. The purpose of this review is to summarize reported predictors of AKI to improve its early recognition and treatment among hospitalized pediatric patients. Methods: A review of research was conducted to further identify risk factors of AKI among noncritically ill hospitalized pediatric patients. Results: The current literature demonstrated inconsistent findings in early recognition of AKI among hospitalized pediatric patients. Discussion: Interventions for early recognition and treatment of AKI should consider other variables, such as previous history of AKI and fluid status as risk factors, warranting additional research.