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Induced Abortion; Pregnancy Termination; Second-trimester Abortions; United States; Abortion Funding


Objectives: To determine whether the population DCAF serves, based on current research, are those most in need of its financial services. Describe the population that DCAF is supports by age, race and ethnicity, poverty, educational attainment, union status, contraceptive method used, referral source, and number of prior pregnancies.

Methods: An adapted version of The Guttmacher Institute's National Patient Survey will be used to collect data from women who contact DCAF for financial assistance for their abortion (n=150). The data will be collected for one month and then analyzed in SPSS.

Results: Between January and March 2013 approximately 400 women contacted DCAF. Of those 400 women, 181 unique cases were collected. DCAF is serving those women who are most at risk at experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and unable to afford the cost of an abortion when that is their choice. More than 60% of the patients who received funding were case managed for more than a week, with more than 30% requiring 2 – 4+ weeks from first time of contact to receipt of financial pledge

Conclusions: DCAF's clients fall outside of the national average of weeks pregnant at the time of abortion. More research is needed to determine the reasons for this.


Presented at: George Washington University Research Days 2013.

Dr. Kathleen Roche, Advisor.

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