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Egypt; Intimate Partner Violence; IPV; IPV Justification; Female Circumcision; FGM; Female Autonomy


Background: Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) is an important problem in developing countries and associated with poor reproductive health outcomes.

Objectives: To describe trends and justification of IPV in Egypt.

Methods: We used the 2008 Egypt Demographic Health Surveys (EDHS). Information on IPV was drawn from 16,527 women in 2008. We performed bivariate analyses to examine trends in and risk factors for justification of IPV.

Results: 39.5% of respondents reported that IPV is justifiable. Logistic regression suggests that age, education, wealth and female autonomy are associated with respondents not justifying IPV. In contrast respondents who supported the continuation of female circumcision and who were related to their husband reported that IPV is justifiable.

Conclusions: Justification of IPV continues to be prevalent in Egypt. Further research is needed to identify points of intervention to reduce the support for IPV in Egypt.


Presented at: George Washington University Research Days 2013.

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