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Cuentos (Medical Faculty Associates)

Cuentos is the humanities magazine of the George Washington University Medical Faculty Associates Department of Internal Medicine. The first issue was titled Sueños.

Fusion (School of Medicine and Health Sciences)

Fusion is the annual student-run scientific journal of The George Washington University's William H. Beaumont Medical Research Honor Society. It was created to showcase student achievements in basic science and clinical research, public health, medical education, and international health-related travel experiences.

GW Nursing Magazine (School of Nursing)

GW Nursing is published annually for the George Washington University School of Nursing.

Medicine + Health Magazine (School of Medicine and Health Sciences)

Medicine + Health magazine is published regularly by the Office of Communications and Marketing of the School of Medicine and Health Sciences at The George Washington University. Visit for more information.

Neurotransmitter (Neurology)

Neurotransmitter is the magazine of The George Washington Institute for Neuroscience and The George Washington University Hospital's Neurological Institute.

RE: (School of Medicine and Health Sciences)

RE: is the GW Cancer Center's award-winning magazine, featuring the university's mission to support innovative research, personalized patient care, and cancer policy in the nation's capital. With each edition, the magazine's name changes to reflect a key area of emphasis for the GW Cancer Center.