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Fall 10-2015


The launch of the revised medical school curriculum in Fall 2014 provided new opportunities for librarians to collaborate with clinical faculty. As a result of our past informatics instruction embedded in the first year curriculum, we were invited to expand this content as part of a new formative Objective Structured Clinical Examination (FOSCE) initiative. Two reference librarians worked closely with faculty to develop original case-based scenarios that were taught by a team of six reference librarians over the course of a year.

In FOSCEs, small groups of students rotated through simulated patient encounters in order to demonstrate their clinical knowledge and skills. Due to simulation center logistics, students alternated between skills demonstration and informatics activities. The informatics component consisted of fifty minute small group active learning sessions, often including a standardized patient. In these sessions students utilized various information tools and resources to clarify the clinical picture.

Significant changes in the curriculum provide an opportunity for librarians to re-evaluate their role and actively search for new opportunities. Librarians are well-positioned to tackle new challenges and expand their role within the organization. The result of our expanded involvement has been greater visibility and recognition of what librarians can contribute to medical education.

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Presented at: Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the Medical Library Association Annual Meeting, October 2015, Asheville, NC.



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