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Data Literacy; Race; Preclinical Medical Education

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Spring 2021


At the Himmelfarb Health Sciences Library, librarians conduct instruction sessions on various aspects of evidencebased medicine for first- and second-year medical students. One of these sessions, the Chest Pain Formative Observed Simulated Clinical Experience (FOSCE), introduces the Framingham Study, later cohort studies, and the Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease (ASCVD) Risk Calculator to first-year medical students. This calculator includes race as an input and over or underestimates risk for certain groups. This session previously mentioned the need to diversify study populations and described the evolution of the algorithm, but it did not highlight these as critical issues for discussion. Beyond noting this discrepancy and moving on, Himmelfarb librarians saw an opportunity to introduce critical data literacy concepts and examine the use of race as a variable in clinical algorithms.

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Presented virtually at the 2021 Medical Library Association Annual Conference, May 2021.



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