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Health Sciences; Librarianship; Medical librarianship

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2020 saw a dramatic rise in interest in publications associated with the health sciences, medical research, and consumer health information. With this growth came an increased awareness of the roles of information professionals. Health sciences librarians support medical professionals in providing care, researchers in advancing knowledge, faculty and students in furthering their education, and consumers in meeting their personal information needs.

This poster aims to provide the insider perspective on the skills needed to succeed as a health sciences librarian - and they might not be what you expect! The authors also describe the unique benefits and opportunities of health sciences librarianship, from the hospital librarian to the community outreach librarian to the academic reference and instruction librarian.

The poster concludes with next steps to explore the profession and to refine the skills needed to succeed as a health sciences librarian.

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Presented virtually at "Bridging the Spectrum: A Symposium on Scholarship and Practice in Library and Information Science" on February 19th, 2021.



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