The Impact of Global Health Experiences on the Emergency Medicine Residency Milestones

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Journal Article

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Journal of medical education and curricular development






competency-based education; emergency medicine; global health; graduate medical education; milestones


OBJECTIVES: Identify the impact of experiences in global health (GH) on the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) competencies in emergency medicine (EM) residents and describe the individual characteristics of EM residents with global health experience compared to those without. METHODS: From 2015 to 2018, 117 residents from 13 nationally accredited United States EM residency training programs were surveyed. Specifically, the survey gathered demographic data and information regarding timing, type, location and duration of short term experiences in global health (STEGH). The survey collected both qualitative and quantitative data regarding resident experiences, including number of procedures performed and self-assessment of the impact on their residency milestones. ACGME milestone data from survey respondents was collected from each resident's training program coordinators. Chi-squared analysis and t-tests were conducted to assess differences between residents with STEGH and those without. A generalized linear model (GLM) was utilized to assess the effects of time and experience with interaction on achieving milestones in each of the competency domains, to compare milestone achievement over time between residents with STEGH and those without. RESULTS: Out of 117 EM residents, 60 were female (44%), the mean age was 30 years (standard deviation = 3.1), and 84 (71.8%) reported STEGH in general, including prior to residency (64.5%). 33 (28.2%) reported having completed STEGH during residency. The results of the GLM analysis showed that residents with STEGH during residency had significantly higher scores compared to those without the experience or STEGH pre-residency across all six competencies. CONCLUSIONS: STEGH in EM residents was associated with higher milestone achievement in certain ACGME competency domains including medical knowledge, practice-based learning and improvement, and professionalism. Participation in STEGH during residency appeared to show the strongest effect, with higher scores across all six competencies.


Emergency Medicine