Together-Equitable-Accessible-Meaningful (TEAM) Training to Improve Cancer Care for Sexual and Gender Minorities (SGM): Outcomes from a Pilot Study

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Journal Article

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Journal of Cancer Education




Cultural competency training; Healthcare professional education; LGBTQI


To alleviate health disparities experienced by sexual and gender minority (SGM) patients, cancer care professionals need further education on the needs of SGM cancer patients and their loved ones and caregivers. The Together-Equitable-Accessible-Meaningful (TEAM) Training to Improve Cancer Care for SGM Patients (TEAM SGM) was developed and piloted to address this need. This study reports healthcare professional learner outcomes from the TEAM SGM pilot intervention. The TEAM SGM Training pilot consisted of 2.5 h of content from the original online self-paced TEAM Training plus 12 1-h Zoom sessions on specialized topics in addition to readings and activities. Participants (n = 28), representing seven cancer service organizations from six states in the USA, were recruited through newsletter listservs and social media. All participants (n = 28) completed the pre-test and twenty-two participants completed the post-test. Using five factors confirmed in a separate Confirmatory Factor Analysis, paired t-tests of TEAM SGM participant pre- and post-test data were conducted. Statistically significant improvements were found in four of five factors: Environmental Cues (t(21) = 2.56, p =.018), Knowledge (t(21) = 2.15, p =.043), Clinical Preparedness (t(7) = 3.89, p =.006), Clinical Behaviors (t(21) = 2.48, p =.022). The Attitudes factor was not significantly improved from pre-intervention to post-intervention likely due to strong affirming attitudes toward SGM patients at baseline. TEAM SGM is a feasible, effective training to build capacity in SGM-affirming care for cancer care providers.