Derived psychoactive cannabis products and 4/20 specials: An assessment of popular brands and retail price discounts in Fort Worth, Texas, 2023

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Journal Article

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Drug and alcohol dependence






2018 Agriculture Improvement Act; Cannabinoid; Dispensaries; Marijuana; Marketing; Stores


BACKGROUND: Retail sales of derived psychoactive cannabis products (DPCPs) have increased in the U.S. since passing the 2018 Farm Bill and is unregulated in most states. This study investigated the types and commonly sold brands of DPCPs as well as promotional pricing on April 20th, a day associated with cannabis use. METHODS: On April 19-20, 2023, investigators conducted telephone surveys with 98 retail stores that sold DPCPs in Fort Worth, Texas (where the market was largely unregulated). RESULTS: Delta-8, Delta-9, and Delta-10 THC products were widely available, with 97%, 72%, and 82% of stores selling each type, respectively. Fifteen additional DPCPs were identified, and selling blends containing multiple types of THC was common. Frequently sold brands included Cake, Medusa/Modus, Torch, Urb, Kik, Tyson, 3Chi, Casper, Hidden Hills, Esco Bars, Happi, Hometown Hero, STNR, Bomb Bars, Baked, Hi On Nature, Looper, and Space God. Overall, 45% reported having 4/20 specials discounting prices on DPCPs, smoking devices/accessories, or everything in the store. Several stores also sponsored 4/20 promotional events including free THC gummies and "live delta demos where people can test cartridges and try smoking flower in the store." CONCLUSIONS: Findings highlight the growing complexity of the DPCP market, including numerous different intoxicating compounds and blends. Policymakers, researchers, and public health professionals should consider these complexities, as well as the commonly sold brands, when developing strategies to regulate DPCPs and protect consumer safety. Pricing policies may be an especially important form of harm reduction during events associated with heavy cannabis use, including 4/20.


Prevention and Community Health