E-Cigarette Brand Trends in the United States: An Investigation of Data From a Youth and Young Adult Sample and the E-Cigarette Retail Market (2022)

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Journal Article

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Tobacco use insights






electronic nicotine delivery systems; tobacco Control; young adults; youth


BACKGROUND: Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) remain the most used tobacco product among young people in the United States (US). Given the need for current data on popular e-cigarette products, the current study leverages data from a rapid surveillance survey of young people and examines whether the top e-cigarette brands identified from this source align with US market data. METHODOLOGY: Data were obtained from current e-cigarette users (N = 4145) participating in the Truth Continuous Tracker Online (CTO; a cross-sectional tracking survey of 15-24 year-olds sourced from the national Dynata panel) and NielsenIQ retail scanner data, collected in 2022 and aggregated by quarter (Q1, Q2, and Q3). The top 15 e-cigarette brands were determined from respondents' endorsement in the Truth CTO and ranked total sales in NielsenIQ in nominal dollars. RESULTS: Overall, 58% of e-cigarette brands overlapped across the Truth CTO and NielsenIQ data (60% for Q1, 47% for Q2 and 67% for Q3). Pod-based (JUUL; VUSE) and disposable (Hyde; Breeze Smoke) brands appeared as top brands in both datasets. Top brands were fairly consistent within and across quarters; though, more variability was found in the Truth CTO, relative to NielsenIQ. Many top brands were disposable. CONCLUSIONS: Results suggest that data from rapid surveillance and retail data can be used complementarily to characterize the popular e-cigarette brands currently on the US market. Many of these popular e-cigarette brands have yet to receive marketing granted orders under the US Food and Drug Administration, suggesting the need to continue monitoring e-cigarette brands among young people.


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