Evidence of Long-Term Voice Therapy Effectiveness in Patients With Presbylarynges

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Journal Article

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Journal of voice : official journal of the Voice Foundation




Aging; Presbylarynges; Voice therapy


Evidence for long-term effectiveness of voice therapy (>2 years from previous clinic visit) is lacking from patients over 60 years who initially presented with voice complaints and subsequently demonstrated videostroboscopic signs of aging leading to voice therapy recommendations. Over the telephone, a certified speech-language pathologist enquired from those compliant and non-compliant, whether their voices were better, stable, or worse since their previous clinic visit, and asked them to rate Voice-Related Quality of Life, voice satisfaction, and Glottal Function Index to compare with their previous clinic visit ratings. Further questions focused on current voice satisfaction, and for those who were compliant, therapeutic experiences including home exercises. Twenty-four participated (16 complied; eight non-compliant), with a mean of 3.7 ± 1.2 years since the previous clinic visit. For those compliant, 0% reported better voices, 69% stable, and 31% worse. Most compliant participants (56%) attended between two and five therapy sessions. The most frequently reported therapy techniques were repeating nasal sounds/words; straw phonation; fewer words/breath group; and increasing pitch range. Eighty-one percent of compliant participants were given home exercises. They stopped regular practice a few months post-therapy but continued using them as rescue techniques. For those non-compliant, 88% reported better voices, 0% stable, and 12% worse. Most non-compliant participants (43%) reported lack of time as their reason for non-compliance. Most compliant participants reported stable voices, supporting voice therapy's role in maintaining voice function over time in the context of progressive aging. However, non-compliant participants were not associated with poorer voice quality over time.