Recent Advances in Rib Plating

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Journal Article

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Surgical technology international




Rib fractures are a common injury in blunt trauma and are associated with high morbidity and mortality. Recent advances in surgical stabilization of rib fractures (SSRF) have led to better patient outcomes for those with highly unstable complex rib fractures, as well as those with less severe injuries. This result has been due in part to the expansion of indications for repair, as well as the development of new hardware systems to address a variety of fracture patterns and injuries. This joint advancement of operator techniques, outcomes research, and industry development has brought SSRF to the forefront of rib fracture management and challenged non-operative paradigms. The future of repair is now shifting focus, as surgeons develop minimally invasive approaches and challenge manufacturers to develop new systems, instruments, and materials to address increasingly complex fracture patterns. These expansions promise to make SSRF an increasingly effective form of management for traumatic rib fractures.



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