"A comprehensive obesity benefit as a guide for employers on the core components of obesity care: guidance from the ACOEM Roundtable on obesity"

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Journal Article

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Journal of occupational and environmental medicine




OBJECTIVE: The need to confront the obesity epidemic and its impact on employers requires a serious look at how we address the treatment of obesity. This paper focuses on the core components of obesity care and the need for employers to offer a comprehensive obesity benefit as part of employee insurance coverage. METHODS: In May 2022, the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (ACOEM) convened a roundtable meeting which brought together five corporate medical directors and representatives from aerospace/defense and energy industries to learn about the disease of obesity and provide clinical insights regarding health and safety in their respective industries. The goals of the program were to provide awareness of benefits for the treatment of obesity and identify the feasibility for employers of implementing a comprehensive obesity benefit for their employees. Participants learned how a comprehensive approach to covering obesity treatments is necessary, and what benefits should be offered to employees. RESULTS: Participants were invited to review the insurance benefits they currently offer to employees and compare them to the comprehensive obesity benefit. Outcomes were limited by a lack of participation by the employers invited to participate. Participants identified actions that need to be addressed in order for employers to develop a more comprehensive approach to obesity care. CONCLUSION: Implementing a comprehensive obesity benefit can help employers increase access and utilization of comprehensive obesity care by employees.


Prevention and Community Health