Timing of Ureteral Stent Removal After Ureteroscopy on Stent-Related Symptoms - A Validated Questionnaire Comparison of 3 and 7 Days Stent Duration

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Journal Article

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Journal of endourology




OBJECTIVES: To determine whether urinary symptoms are significantly improved with a shorter duration of stent placement without an increase in complications. METHODS: A total of 100 patients were prospectively randomized to two groups, either a 3 day (N=59, Group 1) or 7 day (N=41, Group 2) stent placement group depending on date of surgery. Patients submitted Ureteral Stent Symptom Questionnaires (USSQ) both while stents were in situ and 2-3 days after removal. RESULTS: Group 2 reported greater urinary symptoms (p<0.001) and pain (p<0.001) with stents in situ compared to Group 1. Urinary symptoms (p< 0.001), pain (p= 0.003) and general health (p=0.02) were more severe in Group 2 after stent removal as well. The analysis also revealed that urinary symptoms, pain, and general health improved after stent removal compared to stent in situ (p<0.001). There were no significant differences in work-related functioning between two groups . There was one complication in Group 1 requiring bilateral stent replacement. There were no significant differences in emergency department visits, unplanned clinic visits or hospitalizations between Groups 1 and 2. CONCLUSIONS: Patients with stent removal at 3-day group had better reported urinary, pain and general health score compared to 7-day group. Patients after stent removal had improved urinary symptoms, pain symptom and general health compared to ureteral stent in situ. There was no statistically significant difference in complications between the groups.