The Health Effects of Climate Change on Children: Pediatricians Must Be Part of the Solution

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Journal Article

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Indian pediatrics






Climate change is already impacting children's health in a variety of ways. Indian children are among the most severely affected; they are experiencing respiratory illnesses from air pollution, heat-related illnesses, malnutrition, vector- and water-borne diseases; and mental health problems such as post-traumatic stress disorder from weather disasters. There is a need to increase awareness and capacity building among paediatricians for understanding the impact of climate change on the health of children and educating parents about preventive measures. Detailed environmental history taking will help to identify risk factors. To address climate change issues, professional paediatric associations should increase their advocacy with government agencies. It is essential to ask policymakers to immediately reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Reducing the burning of coal and other fossil fuels and moving to renewable energy sources such as solar and wind will reduce India's carbon emissions and decrease environmental illness among children. The pediatricians of India should declare that climate change is a child health emergency.


Environmental and Occupational Health

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