History of Incarceration is Associated with Unmet Socioeconomic Needs and Structural Discrimination among Young Black Sexual Minority Men (SMM) in the United States

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Journal Article

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Journal of urban health : bulletin of the New York Academy of Medicine




There is a dearth of research on incarceration among young Black sexual minority men (SMM). The current study aimed to assess the prevalence and association between unmet socioeconomic and structural needs and history of incarceration among young Black SMM. Between 2009 and 2015, young Black SMM (N = 1,774) in Dallas and Houston Texas were recruited to participate in an annual, venue-based, cross-sectional survey. We found that 26% of the sample reported any lifetime history of incarceration. Additionally, participants with unmet socioeconomic and structural needs (unemployment, homelessness, financial insecurity and limited educational attainment) were more likely to have a history of incarceration. It is imperative that interventions are developed to address the basic, social, and economic needs of young Black SMM with a history of incarceration or who are at risk for incarceration.


Prevention and Community Health