Which learning experiences support an interprofessional identity? A scoping review

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Journal Article

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Advances in health sciences education : theory and practice




Collaboration; Dual identity; Health professions education; Healthcare; Identity; Interprofessional identity; Interprofessionality; Medicine; Nurse; Physician assistant


In recent years, health professions researchers have suggested that a dual identity that includes both a professional and interprofessional identity is essential to interprofessionality. This scoping review sought to describe the learning experiences that may support the development of an interprofessional identity, providing direction for future research. A scoping review was conducted to identify papers published between 2000 and 2020 that provided empiric evidence to support the impact of planned or spontaneous learning experiences involving two or more healthcare professions that fostered the development of an "interprofessional identity," or a sense of belonging to an interprofessional community. Twelve papers were identified for inclusion. Articles varied regarding both the professional groups studied and the developmental levels of their participants. A wide variety of learning experiences were described in the identified studies, including designed activities and programs, as well as those occurring spontaneously in authentic clinical environments. Examples of longitudinal and integrated programs were also identified. The construct of an interprofessional identity and its potential impact on interprofessional practice has yet to be sufficiently studied. The results of this scoping review suggest that a variety of experiences that occur throughout the professional development trajectory may foster an interprofessional identity. Longitudinal, integrated interprofessional learning programs may result in a more long-lasting impact on interprofessional identity and these types of programs should be the focus of future research.


Clinical Research and Leadership