Heuristic smartphone usability evaluations of the mobile application NANDA, nursing interventions classification, and nursing outcomes classification customized for nursing home registered nurses

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Journal Article

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International journal of nursing knowledge




NANDA; Nursing Interventions Classification; Nursing Outcomes Classifications; heuristic evaluations; mobile application; nursing home


PURPOSE: We aimed to evaluate the usability of a smartphone application consisting of standardized nursing language (SNL) using NANDA, Nursing Intervention Classification, and Nursing Outcome Classification for nursing home nurses. DATA SOURCES: Applying convenience sampling, a total of 14 experts and 15 real users were invited to test and evaluate the smartphone application independently. For the usability evaluation of the developed application, the Korean version of the Mobile Application Rating Scale for experts and Mobile Application Rating Scale: User Version developed by Stoyanov et al. were used. DATA SYNTHESIS: Both groups determined that the SNL application was quite informative about SNL and efficient function; however, the engagement was quite lower than other categories. CONCLUSIONS: Although SNLs were scientifically developed for several decades, the widely available technological application for registered nurses in different languages is urgently needed to improve quality of nursing care. IMPLICATIONS FOR NURSING PRACTICE: The identified problems and recommendations by users and experts using heuristic evaluation will be reflected in the application's final version to be used for research.


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