Primary Thyroid Neoplasm with Fetal Morphology Associated with DICER1 Mutations: Expanding the Diagnostic Profile of Thyroblastoma

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Thyroid : official journal of the American Thyroid Association




Thyroblastoma, a primary thyroid neoplasm with histological features of primitive thyroid tissue has recently been described and is included as a distinct entity in the most recent edition of the World Health Organization (WHO) Classification of Tumors (5th edition). Here, we expand the clinical, morphological, and molecular profile of this aggressive neoplasm. The patients are females, 19 and 45 years of age, referred for large thyroid nodules. Tumor morphology is biphasic, composed of nests and follicles of epithelial cells, some with colloid-like secretions reminiscent of fetal thyroid follicles intertwined with a primitive stromal spindle cell component. By immunohistochemistry, the epithelial component is diffusely positive for PAX8 and TTF1 markers. Molecular studies showed DICER1 aberrations. A primary primitive thyroid malignancy reminiscent of early fetal embryology with no teratoid element, recently reported as thyroblastoma represents a unique entity, novel in its description, and is likely underdiagnosed.