Media competencies for nurses: A Delphi study

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Journal Article

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Nursing outlook




Health policy; Mass media; Media competencies; Media engagement; Population health; Social media


BACKGROUND: Media raises awareness of important health issues, provides guidance to promote health, and shapes health policies. However, nurses are poorly represented in media. PURPOSE: To propose competencies that can be used to advance nurses' knowledge and skills in using media to advance health. METHODS: A Delphi study design of three successive surveys was employed. The Round 1 survey was sent to 70 nurse media leaders, and 28 (40%) responded. Seventeen respondents (61%) participated in Round 2. The Round 3 survey was not needed. DISCUSSION: These competencies provide direction for academia, healthcare organizations, nursing associations and others who seek to develop the leadership and population health skills of nurses. Ways the competencies can be used are outlined. CONCLUSION: There is an urgent need to improve population health outcomes by reducing disparities and promoting equity in health and health care. Media engagmeent is an importnat strategy for promoting population health. Additionally, promotion of better media representation of nurses and improved media engagement by nurses and nursing organizations all speak to the importance of advancing media competence.


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