Building implementation science capacity among practitioners of cancer control: development of a pilot training curriculum

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Journal Article

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Cancer causes & control : CCC




Cancer screening; Capacity building; Comprehensive cancer control practitioners; Health equity; Implementation science; Training


PURPOSE: Cancer control interventions are difficult to implement with fidelity, while tailoring to fit contexts. Engaged approaches are suggested to advance equity. On-the-ground practitioners are needed to serve as collaborators in the implementation process with research teams, but few trainings are designed with them in mind. METHODS: The Cancer Control Implementation Science Base Camp (CCISBC) was created to improve capacity among cancer control practitioners when implementing evidence-based cancer screening programs in specific contexts. Development of the curriculum included the following: (1) performing a literature review assessing extant curricula, (2) comparing competencies of these curricula, (3) user-centered design, (4) producing learning materials, (5) recruiting two teams to test a pilot, (6) running the pilot, and (7) evaluating results. RESULTS: Nine competencies overlapped between four of the curricula scanned in this study, all of which served as the basis for learning objectives. Principles that emerged from design sessions included staying clear about terminology, supporting the brokerage of knowledge, reframing theories, models, and frameworks as tools, and including equity in everything. Pilot testing showed that the average learner increased 74.5% in knowledge and 75% in confidence regarding implementing evidence-based cancer screening. Evidence suggests that the training increased the skill of implementing evidence-based interventions (EBIs) with a health equity lens. CONCLUSION: In order to scale practice-based evidence, practitioners will need to be engaged. This engagement is optimized when practitioners are trained to collaborate on implementation research. The CCISBC is a feasible program to develop capacity among practitioners in comprehensive cancer control in order to optimize EBIs tailored to context.