Study Design 101

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Instructional Material

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A self-paced, self-guided tutorial, Study Design 101 introduces students to the various types of clinical studies found in the evidence pyramid. For each of the study types, a definition of the study type is provided along with typical characteristics of the type and an explanation of why the type is located in that part of the evidence pyramid. Students can explore the advantages and disadvantages of each type, along with possible design pitfalls common to that type of study. Examples, both fictitious and from the medical literature, are included to allow students to deepen their knowledge of a particular study type. A few multiple choice or true/false questions are presented so students can test their knowledge on the topic. Students can work through each level of the pyramid or alternatively, jump from one type to another by clicking on the various levels in the evidence pyramid.Additional supplementary materials includes common formulas, a glossary of terms, and a video tutorial explaining how to find these study types in Ovid MEDLINE.