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A working knowledge of the home and neighborhood environment is critical to understanding the barriers that families face when struggling with obesity. Most doctors are only given the opportunity to address individuals with obesity in the office setting and usually describe their counseling abilities as ineffective. This focused home visitation curriculum offers a unique tool to improve residents’ understanding of the social determinants of health, how these determinants relate to obesity, and critical obesity-management skills. The curriculum requires residents to review three PowerPoint modules and an article on motivational interviewing. Residents then implement what they have learned by doing two home visits with a family from their continuity clinic and completing a windshield survey of the family’s neighborhood. This publication includes all of the materials necessary to facilitate the curriculum, including scripts for the residents to use at each visit, resources for the family, and curriculum evaluation tools. The program has been integrated into our pediatric residency curriculum and completed by 20 interns during a first-year community health rotation, but it could be completed at any time during resident training. Residents who completed the curriculum reported improved counseling skills and improved understanding of the social determinants of health. During postcurriculum qualitative interviews, residents described the experience as eye-opening and revealed that lessons learned from the visits will alter how they approach patients who are obese in their future clinical practice.

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A. Healthy Homes Curriculum Checklist.docx (21 kB)
Healthy Homes Curriculum Checklist

B. How to Choose a Family.docx (20 kB)
How to Choose a Family

C. Pre- and Posttest of Obesity Stigma.pdf (56 kB)
Pre- and Posttest of Obesity Stigma

D. Home Visitation 101.pptx (32299 kB)
Home Visitation 101

E. Nutrition & Health 101.pptx (81174 kB)
Nutrition & Health 101

F. Social Determinants of Health 101.pptx (62601 kB)
Social Determinants of Health 101

G. Assessment Visit Script.docx (19 kB)
Assessment Visit Script

H. Healthy Homes History.docx (20 kB)
Healthy Homes History

I. Healthy Homes Assessment Checklist.docx (23 kB)
Healthy Homes Assessment Checklist

J. Healthy Homes Road Map to Success.docx (802 kB)
Healthy Homes Road Map to Success

K. Healthy Living Goals Worksheet.docx (24 kB)
Healthy Living Goals Worksheet

L. Healthy Homes Windshield Survey.docx (110 kB)
Healthy Homes Windshield Survey

M. Healthy Homes Intervention Recommendations.docx (20 kB)
Healthy Homes Intervention Recommendations

N. Intervention Visit Script.docx (20 kB)
Intervention Visit Script

O. Healthy Lifestyle Action Plan.docx (107 kB)
Healthy Lifestyle Action Plan

P. Resident Reflections Document.docx (109 kB)
Resident Reflections Document



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