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This resources describes a novel approach to outpatient morning report. This format encourages self-directed learning as well as teaches residents to use the clinical literature to ensure they were providing optimal patient care. Each resident daily chooses a clinical question from that day's patient care, investigates and brings the answer back to the group during morning report. This resource includes a description of the integration and implementation of this format as well as the handout used by the residents.

Since the implementation of our new morning report format, our residents have consistently read about their patients on a nightly basis. This serves to foster improved recall of key concepts when a similar case presents itself. Our morning report also provides a guaranteed follow-up opportunity for residents to share what they have learned, even if their preceptor is not in clinic the following day. We also feel it reinforces the importance of self-directed learning. Finally, it serves not only as a resource for residents to use but also can be used for Program Review purposes to provide tangible data that EBM is indeed occurring on a regular basis.

We have received positive feedback from both residents and faculty members. Feedback solicited from residents included:

  1. They like being held accountable for the final step of the SNAPPS model. They feel these are professional habits that will need to be maintained throughout their medical careers.
  2. They appreciate the opportunity to learn not only from their own patients, but from their colleagues’ cases.
  3. They like how they are continually exposed to more novel resources, by hearing what other residents were using as sources.
  4. They noted that it offered a concise format for teaching. They think it is quick, specific, to the point and really high yield.
  5. They also value the opportunity to teach. They feel that they are more likely to retain information by having to teach it to someone.
  6. They enjoy the social learning and active discussions which are promoted by this new format.

Feedback from attendings included:

  1. The new morning report exponentially increases the amount of learning points each resident is exposed to for topics pertinent to daily practice.
  2. This format empowers residents to become more comfortable with how to look up articles and critique them.
  3. They are now given more practical experience at generating specific clinical questions.

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