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Humans; Child; Health Equity; Curriculum; Faculty; Interdisciplinary Studies




INTRODUCTION: Faculty are increasingly expected to teach about the impact of racism on health and to model the principles of health equity. However, they often feel ill-equipped to do so, and there is limited literature on faculty development on these topics. We developed a curriculum for faculty education on racism and actions to advance racial health equity.

METHODS: The curriculum design was based on a literature review and needs assessments. Implementation consisted of four live virtual 1-hour sessions incorporating interactive didactics, cases, reflection, goal setting, and discussion offered to a multidisciplinary group of pediatric faculty at a children's hospital. Topics included the history of racism, racism in health care, interacting with trainees and colleagues, and racial equity in policy. Evaluation consisted of pre- and postsurveys at the beginning and end of the curriculum and a survey after each session.

RESULTS: A mean of 78 faculty members attended each session (range: 66-94). Participants reported high satisfaction and increased knowledge at the end of each session. Qualitative themes included self-reflection on personal biases, application of health equity frameworks and tools, becoming disruptors of racism, and the importance of systemic change and policy.

DISCUSSION: This curriculum is an effective method for increasing faculty knowledge and comfort. The materials can be adapted for various audiences.


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