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As stay-at-home orders sweep across the United States, not everyone can adhere. People affected by homelessness struggle to find a place to remain healthy and invulnerable to a rising pandemic. The District of Columbia’s homeless population rises to 6,500 people and poses the most risk for COVID-19 because of the lack of resources available in the city, preexisting health conditions, and substance dependency. Some homeless people with a respiratory condition face a greater likelihood of developing a severe reaction from COVID-19 (Vredevoe, 1992). Furthermore, the homeless population tends to face a mortality rate from five to ten times higher than the general public (Roncarti, 2018). In order to combat these possibilities, we propose a pilot program focusing on providing necessary assistance to vulnerable populations from the ages 35 to 65. Our program, Homeless Medical Assistance Program (HMAP), aims to reduce the number of COVID-19 cases by placing homeless individuals in stadiums with adequate distance, administering food without direct contact, and proving mental healthcare.

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Homeless Medical Assistance Program (HMAP)



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