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Before the 1980s, the world had little to no knowledge about HIV. Now there has been research conducted on HIV/AIDs that has helped people prevent and be aware of their status. However, there is still an increasing amount of HIV cases in adults (18-34), especially in DC communities. Such disparities in HIV cases occur based on people’s race, gender, sexual orientation, income and geographical location. The social determinants of health also play a role in these cases such as poverty, access to care, stigma and racism. Our program will tackle these issues by providing an emphasis on existing programs by making counseling, screening, condoms, and HIV tests accessible to everyone especially to residents in Wards 5, 7, and 8. This will all be done via various platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Also, using aesthetically pleasing pamphlets that will portray information on HIV and strategies to prevent any new HIV cases from arising.

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HIV Intervention for the DC Community



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