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This intervention will show that underdiagnosing and misdiagnosing mental health disorders can be prevented by creating more high school medical pipeline programs and encouraging POC students interested in healthcare to participate in diversifying the healthcare system. Pipeline programs have shown to be beneficial in increasing the numbers and quality of underrepresented ethnic minority applicants from disadvantaged backgrounds, and achievement motivation. For example, the pipeline program The Teen Medical Academy created in 2008 combated unrepresentative health disparity in adolescents by successfully improving interest in medical and allied health careers, confidence in their ability to accomplish a health profession, learning surgical and clinical skills, and creating a sense of belongingness in a health career. Aside from pursuing a health profession, results showed a higher grade point average and more involvement in extracurricular health career programs. Our program intervention, DC HPIPUS aims to overcome the issue of disparity in healthcare when it comes to POC teens in the aspect of mental health and wellness.

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Black vs. White: What is Bipolar Disorder?

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