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Obesity is commonly known to affect 27% of adults in the United States (Wadden et al., 2002). The medical condition is the result of not eating healthy, little to no exercise, genetics, medication and other factors (Cava et al., 2017). If adults that are obese do not treat the medical condition then there will be long term problems such as diabetes and cancer (Cava et al., 2017). “ In Seattle, a study of critically sick COVID-19 patients made comparative discoveries. This examination found that 85% of patients with obesity required mechanical ventilation, compared to 64% of patients without the condition. Additionally, 62% of the patients with obesity died of COVID-19, compared with 36% of those without obesity ” (Stefan et al., 2020). To combat that issue the purpose of our program is to provide a way to lose weight and become healthy while in a pandemic and staying safe at home.

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Community Health Project: Addressing Obesity during Covid-19



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