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This site visit, planned and convened in conjunction with the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality’s User Liaison Program, examined the efforts underway in the greater Pittsburgh area to develop emergency medical response capabilities for mass causality events. The site visit explored efforts to improve infectious disease surveillance capabilities and looked at the Region 13 collaborative’s development of a regionalized approach to emergency management planning and response. Hospital preparedness activities were also studied, including a discussion of lessons learned from a recent drill to test response to a radiological event and an exploration of conceptual frameworks to guide hospital planning efforts. Also examined were efforts to improve emergency medical surge capacity, which encompassed both mobilizing health care providers and planning for increased resource needs related to pharmaceuticals, hospital beds, and equipment. Local efforts to improve preparedness were considered in the context of state-wide planning efforts. The site visit included a visit to the Allegheny County Emergency Operations Center and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center’s Emergency Department at Presbyterian Hospital.

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